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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing W2 box 14 health insurance premiums

Instructions and Help about W2 box 14 health insurance premiums

In preparation for the Affordable Care Act bridge where systems is going to be putting together a series of videos and how we feel we will best be able to help you accommodate these changes the first topic of discussion is going to be how to enter the total amount of employer contributions for each employee to appear in box 12 of your 2022 w-2s first thing you have to do is run software updates on TV validator if you need help with that just contact support at bridge rap but let's just assume now that you have your updates in place and that you know which employees need to have what amount reported you can go ahead and pull up any employee record and in your more drop-down you will now have the option for w2 supplemental information or by pressing ctrl w on your keyboard from the employee screen you see here that we are asked for what year do you want to create the sport that is because we are actually creating the W to supplement table within the database to store our data and once this is complete you will be able to use this table for all employee records this is a one-time configuration step that you need to go through the next screen is establishing the field name let's go ahead and leave the default value here it cost a hell because later in this video I'm going to show you how to use the job Strom's we created two queer your entire database and take more of a detailed spreadsheet grid format layout approach will this field store currency values yes known for text it cost a health that's going to be currency yes and the tables been created successfully now this pop up is the standard form you will get to enter any dollar amount for any employee in your system let's say this employee had twenty five hundred dollars for employer cost say okay now it's stored now while we're on this screen let's take a quick moment to mention that you can add additional fields to this form if you'd like to capture additional info and your employees such as third-party sick pay going this ad field button and let's say we want to store third-party sick bay currency values yes it's been added and you can see the results here this method will work great if you have a handful of employees to enter employer health contributions for but let's talk about some other options if you author health coverage too many employees you should probably start by contacting your insurance provider to see if they can pryou with a data file or some type of spreadsheet of this information if they can do so please kind of tech support a bridge where to see if we can help you import that data automatically if not and you want to take a spreadsheet approach to entering this.


How do I treat a health insurance expense in an S corp?
How do I treat a health insurance expense in an S corp?
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